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5-4 Franciscan Magnificat

//5-4 Franciscan Magnificat

5-4 Franciscan Magnificat


Napa Valley

Deep scarlet with aromas of dark cherry, plum, baking spices and coffee that weave into complex aroma. The flavors open with ripe plum and black currant. Impressive structure readily apparent in a dense, full body with refined tannins. Extensive finish blends cassis with anise, tobacco, cocoa, and vanilla.


The 2013 vintage gave us near-perfect growing conditions which led to an early harvest. Spring conditions were warm and dry, leading to an early bud break and very even set. Aside from one hot spell at the end of June, temperatures remained moderate throughout spring and summer. With only eight inches of rain from January through June, the vines had less green growth and an earlier turn to fruit development. Early October saw a major north wind event, bringing dry air off the arid northern California interior down across the coastal areas. Humidity during October 3–7 was very low (single digits), with strong winds buffeting all parts of Napa. Thirsty vineyards prompted harvest to accelerate even more than usual. In seven days, we brought in about 24% of our fruit. The first Cabernet Sauvignon from Oakville was harvested off a young block on September 13, with the last of the Cabernet Sauvignon hitting the hopper on October 22. Merlot trickled into the winery in September, while the Cabernet Franc was among the last blocks picked at Oakville. As the harvest progressed, we became more and more aware that the color and intensity of Bordeaux reds would create a truly phenomenal vintage.