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VIP 11-1 Hess Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon

//VIP 11-1 Hess Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon

VIP 11-1 Hess Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon

vip-11-1-hess-mt-veeder-cabernet-sauvignonNapa Valley

Our signature Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon comes from our estate Veeder Hills Vineyard. The elevation of this vineyard ranges from 600-1,120 feet, and its steep slopes and sedimentary clay and shale soils restrict root growth, resulting in Mount Veeder’s hallmark small berries with intense fruit flavors. True to its appellation, this wine possesses dark concentrated fruit flavors and robust tannins.


If ever a vintage might be described as textbook, this growing season would qualify. Budbreak, flowering and set proceeded without a hitch, and there were no heat events or early season crippling frost. Quite boring, actually, right through to Véraison, just as we like it. The result was an abundant harvest with fruit that brought smiles to winemakers and expected “oohs” and “aahs” from wine drinkers. After a challenging 2011, frankly, we needed this, a blessing best described as a blessing.

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