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VIP 16-2 Cultivate Pinot Noir

//VIP 16-2 Cultivate Pinot Noir

VIP 16-2 Cultivate Pinot Noir

vip-16-2-cultivate-pinot-noirSta. Rita Hills

The best nights always unfold over a bottle of wine. So uncork Cultivate and pour everyone a glass! That true ruby color you’re seeing is the first sign of a delicious glass of Pinot Noir. Already you can smell those youthful and exuberant red fruits jumping from your glass: ripe raspberries and strawberries with a touch of pomegranate and a whiff of candied orange peel. Let the wine open up a bit and richer, darker, juicier aromas start to make an entrance. Along with those deeper fruits are earthy touches of earl grey tea and red rose petals. Now it’s time to take that first sip! That juicy, lively, and lied palate that’s bringing loads of sappy, pure, perfectly ripe red fruits? That’s Pinot Noir my friend. As the wine finishes, that floral touch and whisper of black tea come shining through. Now that you and this bottle of wine are well acquainted and everyone’s glass is filled, enjoy uncorking the moment with those around you. Just as your evening and your conversations evolve, so will the wine in the glass.

Vintage: 2014

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