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Congratulations to Joel Gott Wines, Detroit Wine Organization’s Winery of the Year 2016!


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VIP Tables

VIP 1 Joel Gott

VIP 2 Kroger Big Reds

VIP 3 Kroger Blends

VIP 4 Kroger Cabs

VIP 5 Kroger Big Whites

VIP 6 Zonin Piattelli Vineyards



VIP 9 Robert Foley Wines




VIP 13 RNDC Champagne & Bubbles

VIP 14 RNDC Interesting Whites

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VIP 23 Kroger Signature Cocktail

General Admission Tables

Table 1 Joel Gott

Table 2 Kroger Fun & Flirty Whites

Table 3 Kroger Chardonnay

Table 4 Kroger Outstanding Red Blends

Table 5 Kroger The Big and The Bold

Table 6 Kroger It’s all about the Cab!

Table 7 Kroger Great Holiday Selections

Table 8 Kroger It Sparkles!!!

Table 9 Kroger Made in Michigan

Table 10 Kroger Exclusive Brands

Table 11 Kroger Sweeties

Table 12 GLWS Duckhorn

Table 13 GLWS Excelsior

Table 14 GLWS Constellation

Table 15 GLWS Chateau Grand Traverse

Table 16 GLWS Gallo

Table 17 GLWS Chateau Ste Michelle

Table 18 GLWS Leelanau Wine Cellars- Scott Vicary

Table 19 GLWS Kobrand

Table 20 GLWS Newton/Chandon

Table 21 GLWS Hess Collection

Table 22 GLWS Kendall-Jackson

Table 23 GLWS

Table 24 Zonin

Table 25 Zonin

Table 26 RNDC Sparkling Wines

Table 27 RNDC Delicato Family Vineyards

Table 28 RNDC Shaw Ross International Importers

Table 29 RNDC Montes Winery

Table 30 RNDC Laird & Company

Table 31 RNDC Pacific Highway Wines & Spirits Company

Table 32 RNDC – St. Julian Wine Company

Table 33 RNDC Constellation Winery

Table 34 RNDC Delegat’s Wine Est LTD

Table 35 RNDC Chateau Chantal

Table 36 RNDC Carolina Wine Brands

Table 37 RNDC Carolina Wine Brands

Table 38 RNDC Variety

Table 39 RNDC Robert Mondavi Private Selections

Table 40 Kroger Spirit Table

Table 41 Kroger Craft Beer